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About Tamara

About Tamara

I’m a human being who has found ease, comfort, surrender, resolve, truth, and deeper self-awareness through yoga and reiki.

As a person who has suffered and continues to heal from trauma, I value getting to the root to live more consciously, with equanimity and resilience.  Practicing yoga philosophy, meditation and reiki have been key to my healing process.  I can live with more presence.  I’m not sure where I would be today without yoga philosophy. 

I wanted to extend the freedom I experienced from my healing, so I became a registered nurse.  In my nursing profession, I am able to connect with my patients and continue to teach that true healing goes beyond the physical being. 

From my loving heart, it is an honor to assist others along their journey of self-awareness, healing, and transformation through teaching yoga and practicing reiki. 




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  • Large and small classes

  • In-studio 

  • Private instruction

  • In-home sessions

  • Outdoors

  • Special events

  • Corporate

  • Workshops and series

  • Leading classes at Wild Lotus Yoga Collective

  • Individual sessions

  • Group classes

  • Meditation

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  • In-home

  • Studio 

  • Distance Reiki

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